Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)
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Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

Bachelor in Pharmacy program is aimed to develop competent pharmacists required for fulfilling country’s demand in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, retail pharmacy and other health care sectors so that they can show leadership in community, hospitals, promote national drug policies and improve the quality of health services. The course provides knowledge and skills that enable on safe and rational use, quality and economy production, quality control and quality assurance of the drug and research and development of new drugs.

Career Opportunities:

After obtaining the B.Pharm degree, the pharmacy graduates will be eligible for rewarding employment in the following situations:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Drug Dispensing Establishment
  • Governmental Drug Administrations
  • Drug Research Laboratory
  • Health Research Council
  • NGOS and INGOS
  • Retail pharmacy
  • Competently handle dispensing, patient counseling, procurement, drug storage, formulation and small/large scale production.
  • Work as a team member of health workers in clinical setting.
  • Evaluate drug-interaction and avoid drug incompatibility.
  • Provide drug and poison information to the doctors, health personals and users.
  • Manage the hospital pharmacy.
  • Provide over-the-counter (OTC) drugs rationally to the community and generate awareness.
  • Monitor the implementation of National Drug Policy and drug regulations.
  • Plan, manage and evaluate retail and wholesale pharmacies and drug industries.
  • Carry on further studies & research work on different pharmaceutical fields.
  • Work as a teacher in educational institutions.
  • Carry out drug quality assessment using different methods.
  • Monitor and evaluate quality assurance system serving as GMP superintendent in drug industry.
  • Inspect the drug manufacturing plant, storage conditions, drug handling, drug distribution, use and record keeping.
  • Work in an industry as a production manager, marketing manager or quality control manager.
  • Work on the capacity of Good Manufacturing Practitioner and as advocator of WHO/GMP.
  • Play role in the promotion of ‘Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products’ moving in the international commerce.

Requirement for admission and selection criteria

  • Tribuwan University :- All subject including English & PCB at least C grade in Theory and practical (Diploma pharmacy at least 50% aggregate in all subject theory and practical )
  • Kathmandu University :- Must have passed Higher Secondary Level Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) OR Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) with an average grade of 50%
  • Pokhara University :-2.4GPA aggregate in  PCM/PCB and minium C + in PCM/PCB and C in other subject  (Diploma pharmacy at least 50% aggregate in all subject theory and practical )
  • Purbanchal University :- C grade average & 60 % For CTEVT Student must be Registered in NPC/NHPC

Academic Year

Yearly(TU) / Semester (KU/PoU/

Duration of Course

The course is four years of academic


Tribhuwan University TU (IOM)

  • Zoology 20 marks
  • Botany 20 marks
  • Chemistry 25 marks
  • Physics 15 marks
  • Specific subject(Pharma) 20 marks

Kathmandu University (KU)

  • Physics 25
  • Chemistry 25
  • Botany 25
  • Zoology 25

you can choose math

Pokhara University (PoU)


  • English 30 marks
  • Math 40 marks
  • Chemistry 40 marks
  • Biology + Health 40 marks


  • English 25 marks
  • Math 25 marks
  • Chemistry 25 marks
  • Biology + Health 25 marks

Purbanchal University (PU)

  • English 25 marks
  • Science 50 marks
  • General Health 25 marks

Date of Entrance Exam

      TU – Bhadra/Ashwin

      KU – Shrawan

      Pokhara University– Bhadra Scholarship– (Ashwin/Kartik)

      Purbanchal University– Bhadra/Ashwin

Fee structure Bachelor of Pharmacy in Nepal 

The cost of studying BPharmacy in Nepal According to University Various which is mention below

1. Tribhuvan University :- Rs.725,818

2. Kathmandu University :- Rs.750000

3. Pokhara University :- About NRs 4.94 lakhs (Central College) &  Up to 10 lakhs Affilated College.

4. Purbanchal University :- Rs.5.31 lakhs  in Central College & 7-10 lakhas Affilated college College of Nepal 

TU Affiliated Colleges

  1. Maharajung medical campus IOM (30seats)
  2. Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa (40 seats)
  3. Chitawan Medical college – Chitawan (40 seats)
  4. National Model College for Advanced Learning , Lainchwar (40 seats)
  5. Sunsari Technical College , Dharan (40 seats)
  6. Metrix College , Birgunj (40 seats)
  7. Janamaitri Foundation, Balaju (LA) (40 seats)
  8. Manmohan Institute of Health Sciences, soltimode , (40 seats)
  9. Gandaki Medical College , Pokhara (40 seats)

Note;- Seats are variable in each according to IOM approved

Kathmanduuniversity KU Dhulikhel (60seats)

Pokhara University Affiliated B.Pharmacy College

  1. Allied of Health sciences Pokhara university central college (40seats)
  2. CiST College, Sangam Chowk, New Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu (40 seats)
  3. Nobel College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu (40 seats)
  4. Crimson College of Technology, Devinagar, Rupandehi (40 seats)
  5. Modern Technical College Sanepa.(40 seats)

Purbanchal UniversityAffiliated B.Pharmacy College

  1. Asian foundation for education and research Kathmandu (30 seats)
  2. Hope International College Satdobato (30 seats)
  3. Little Buddha College of Technical Sciences Kathmandu (30 seats)
  4. Karnali College of Health Sciences Kathmandu (30 seats)
  5. Valley College of Technical Sciences Kathmandu (30 seats)
  6. Kantipur Academy of Health Science Kathmandu (30 seats)
  7. Shree Medical and Technical College Bharatpur (30 seats)
  8. Novel Academy Pokhara (30 seats)
  9. Purbanchal University central college  (30 seats ) Biratnagar

Scholarship Quota ;-

Under the MOE scholarship , Each TU affilated college have 10% seats .

Pokhara University Provides about 20-25 seats scholarship .

Purbanchal University provides about 30 seats scholarship .

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