Best Pharmacology Books Every Student Should Know

Best Pharmacology Books
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Pharmacology has been said to be the cornerstone of modern pharmacy practice and is one of the most important Subjects for graduation as a  medical professional. Simply Put, It is the study of How drugs (Medicine) Interact with living systems. Pharmacology includes the knowledge of history, Source, Physical and chemical properties, Compounding, Biochemical and Physiological effects, Mechanism of action, absorption, distribution metabolism, excretion, therapeutic and other uses. Finding Best Pharmacology book is not an easy task as there are a lot of different books available on the market. For that purpose, we have compiled this list of 10 best Pharmacology books which will help you in your studies.

There are a variety of different pharmacology books out there focusing on different parts of medicine. Some elaborate solely general drug properties and common side effects. whereas others go for in-depth review exploring medication at the molecular level and their interaction with receptors and resulting in pharmacological actions. Following are some of the best Pharmacology Books.

1. Essentials Of Medical pharmacology By KD Tripathi

This Book is one of the best pharmacology Books, however, It’s really very important For Antibiotics Section & classification of drugs. This is a must Have Book If you want to learn Antibiotics.

KD Tripathi Pharmacology Book

2.Katzung basic and clinical pharmacology

This is often the in-depth review of the drug in reference to body systems.

One of the top Pharmacology books ever written. I really like how the authors explain & diagramme different topics in the book. Makes learning easy.

Katzung provides a current, authoritative, and comprehensive pharmacology book for medical, pharmacy, and other health science students.

Katzung basic and clinical pharmacology

3.Goodman Gillman’s manual of pharmacology & therapeutics.

In this book all medication mentioned with full details of molecular structures, MOA, side effects, drug interactions, etc. This book is meant for anybody curious enough to like pharmacology, he should go for it. All medication mentioned with full details of molecular structure, MOA, side effects, drug interactions and a lot more with visual graphics. Further, all body systems having totally different drug profiles are the most effective part starting from ANS, CNS, CVS, GIT, excretory system, Endocrine, respiratory system.

Goodman Gillman’s manual of pharmacology & therapeutics.

4. Lippincott’s illustrated reviews

This pharmacology Book helps you with the exam preparations. Everyone has his own reasons for selection Lippincott’s pharmacology for consulting and exam preparations. there’s a small share of students who prefer to not consult this book. Best reasons are the great and tabulated information presentation. With easy to understand and memorize mechanism of actions and tabulated comparison this is often ideal for many students. the most effective part is almost every section is given however in a concise approach that students love. Also, side effects are given with attention-grabbing graphics that are remembered without the need for cramming.

Lippincott’s illustrated reviews

5. Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology

Provides you with all the information you wish to induce through your pharmacology course and beyond. A straightforward way to master a fancy subject! This bestselling textbook presents all the information you wish to urge through your pharmacology course and beyond using a clear and accessible approach.

Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology


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  • Shubman Chaudhary March 31, 2020 @ 9:15 am

    Principles of Pharmacology by H. L. Sharma and K. K. Sharma

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