Biotechnology in COVID-19 Vaccine

Biotechnology in COVID-19 Vaccine
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Biotechnology in COVID-19 Vaccine


Samikshya Poudel: Corona virus is a progressing worldwide pandemic brought about by serious intense respiratory condition Corona virus 2 [SARS-COV-2]. It was first recognized in Wuhan, China. From China, it exceeded worldwide within some months. At this point, no one is oblivious to the impact that this virus is having on society.

Over 11 million individuals are affected and around 500 thousand individuals have passed on due to this infection. Around 216 nations on the planet have been tainted. Because of this pandemic circumstance, money related markets are down, individuals are unemployed, day by day lives are influenced, and social separation is expanding. Each individual is pondering when this infection will reach the end? This is the hardest inquiry to reply to this circumstance. This infection won’t be annihilated straightforwardly. If the speedy arrangement isn’t discovered, it will persevere for an extensive period even on controlling for a certain time, it tends to be repeating over and over. On a long run, if the infection comes back over and over, the world should confront the staggering circumstance. For this, researchers, drug specialists, and scientists are on the race for immunization planning.

Pharmaceutical biotechnology looks for applications to utilize natural frameworks including living beings or their subordinates for the creation of helpful results of human need. It utilizes living frameworks to research and produces pharmaceutical and analytic items including antibiotics, proteins, vaccines, recombinant DNA, and so on. Among these items, vaccines are vital in the annihilation of dangerous diseases like polio, rabies, and so on. Using the applications of biotechnology, vaccines for COVID-19 are being made.

As of late, alongside the information on biotechnology, pathology, life structures, microbiology, and other related sciences, numerous antibodies and vaccines advancement is in a fundamental stage all over the world. Aside from the improvement of immunizations by conventional strategy i.e. live attenuated and killed virus, another immunization type i.e. RNA vaccine is being created. RNA vaccine has been produced for some sicknesses, and it has been most encouraging immunization to reduce corona virus infection as well.

Conventional vaccine preparation requires longer time, so it is important to create viable immunization in a shorter opportunity to eliminate this pandemic infection. Here, if the RNA virus would be developed, at that point, they can reform the present situation and help to forestall this sickness. This pivotal idea ought to be the best approach to eradicate corona infection.

Experts estimate that a fast-tracked vaccine development process could speed a successful candidate to market in approximately 12-18 months – if the process goes smoothly from conception to market availability. Major candidates that are under phases of clinical trials today under various companies worldwide are Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) live-attenuated vaccine, AZD1222Mrna-1273 BNT 162 inactivated vaccine, BBI-CorV, corona Vac, GX-19, Gam-COVID-Vac, Ad5-nCov. WHO had recorded around 142 candidate vaccines in development around the globe, 13 of which have entered clinical trials.   The AZD1222 vaccine candidate, created by researchers from the University of Oxford and biotech company AstraZeneca, entered concurrent phase two and three trials in the United Kingdom in late May. In mid-June, US biotech company Modern finalized its protocol for the phase three trial of its COVID-19 nucleic acid vaccine candidate mRNA-1273. Chinese scientists and companies have tested six potential vaccines in clinical trials in China, including one vector, four inactivated, and one recombinant protein vaccines. Two Chinese vaccine developers, CanSino and Sinovac Biotech have previously announced they plan to conduct phase three clinical trials of their products and related research in Canada and Brazil, respectively. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is developing indigenous potential vaccine candidate- COVAXIN, against corona virus. 

The RNA vaccine is developed by following procedures: –

  1. Sequencing of the entire genome of Corona virus.
  2. Identifying sequence with genome for key protein on the surface of virus called spike protein. Spike protein is a surface protein that binds to human cell receptor allowing it to gain entry to the human cell. It is the major antigen of corona that human body can make antibodies against.
  3. Nucleic acid sequence that codes for spike protein in virus is encoded into instruction molecule.
  4. An mRNA molecule can be then replicated many times.
  5. This mRNA can be administered to patients directly as vaccine.

This produces explicit immune reaction inside body by summoning the creation of antibodies in body. It likewise initiates formation of plasma cells and memory cells that can create immune reaction if the body experiences the genuine COVID-19 infection in later case.

This strategy can likewise be especially imperative for overcoming against the infection that can mutate, putting forth vaccination attempts to be increasingly quick and versatile to evolving conditions.

Aside from RNA vaccine, further different antibodies like live attenuated infection, inactivated non-replicating viral vector, replicating viral vector, recombinant protein, and peptide-based virus-like molecule, DNA antibodies are under research and development.

Regardless of whether these vaccines can be made, they require moderately longer an ideal opportunity to be reasonable enough to utilize on human. Thus, the innovative work on new virus ought to go on by consolidating information on biotechnology and related sciences.


Samikshya Poudel
Department of Pharmacy
Novel Academy, Pokhara


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  • Suwarna poudel July 19, 2020 @ 10:54 am

    Good job

  • Siddhartha Koirala July 21, 2020 @ 3:36 pm

    Well done baini…keep it up…well accomplishment

  • Anonymous July 23, 2020 @ 9:29 am

    I have been searching in the internet for days but couldn’t find the solution! How are vaccine even invented in first place, I mean how can you exactly predict vaccine for being specific to any virus? If I recovered from coronavirus then that means my body has antibody against it? So isn’t possible to transform my antibody to others? Even after if vaccine is discovered, can we ensure that is it even sufficient for mass production? Few years back, it was a rumour but so-called experts said crocodile blood contains immunity to HIV. We cannot kill all crocodiles but even if we did, we cannot provide vaccine to all patients, and of course that will be the cause of war! So, coronavirus case may be the same,can’t it? I don’t wanna share his name, another-so-called expert predicted there is 10% possibility the vaccine even if produced to be suitable for mass production. So this means there is no 100% confirmacy in pharmacy? Finally I can’t find research papers in the articles properly. Free papers only contain those vaccine names and for nice articles I have to pay. I am not from that field but also wanted to learn. But seriously it’s so hard to find in the internet.

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