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Pharmacy Supervisor Questions

Pharmacy Supervisor|Loksewa|Question Paper with Answers|2068/2/13

1. National Drug policy of Nepal has been promulgated in; a.1993 b. 1994 c. 1995 d. 1996 2. Total number of recognized professionalists(Asadh 2060) including retailers are: a. About 10 thousands b. About 9 thousands c. About 8 thousands d. About 11 thousands 3. Drug standard regulation was published in B.S.; a. 2035 b. 2043 […]

Prescription Abbreviations

Prescription Abbreviations

Prescription Abbreviations These are often used on prescription as shorthand for how the medicine shold be taken. Understanding a prescription is important, Incorrect prescription leads to wrong dose/ directions for use to the patient. Some of commonly used Abbreviation are :- Prescription Abbreviation  Meaning  ac  Before meals pc After meal ad  Right ear as Left […]

कविता : म औषधि बिज्ञ

पेशाले फर्मासिष्ट हुँ, म औषधी बनाउछु। म चाहन्छु, सुरक्षित र असरयुत्त प्रभाव कायम रहोस् यसैलाई गुणस्तर एकिन गर्ने मापदण्ड जनाउछु।। हो म औषधी विज्ञ हुँ, म परामर्श दिन्छु र औषधीको सहि प्रयोग गर्न प्रेरित गर्छु पनि तर यसको अर्थ यो होइन कि नचाहिने औषधी किन्न मनाउछु।।। म औषधी बनाउँछु यो हिसाबले लगानीकर्ता हुँ, ती औषधी […]

Drug Antidote

Some Drug Antidotes You Must Know !!

Some Drug Antidotes You Must Know !! Antidote are the substances(Chemicals) that reverse the action of poisons/drugs Some antidote are used to treat more than one type of poisoning.i.e. Activated Charcoal is used as Universal antidote, mainly other antidote are used specific poisoning.i.e. only one type of poisoning If you are the health professional you must […]

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmacy Students Tips; Every Students Should Know Pharmacology Facts

Pharmacy Students Tips; Every Students Should Know Pharmacology Facts Top Pharmacology Tips Every Student Should know Pharmacology is the study of how  medicinal substances interact with living systems. Pharmacology is The study of drugs, their nature, their sources,and their properties, absorption, distribution, biotransformation, elimination,interactions,toxicology and their therapeutic applications. Pharmacology is the study of the body’s […]