How to Register a Pharmacy in Nepal?

How to Register Pharmacy in Nepal
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How to Register a Pharmacy in Nepal?

The Department of Drug Administration regulates and controls the registration of drugs and pharmaceutical products in Nepal. To register a pharmacy, you need to contact the office of the Department of Drug Administration- DDA.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Application as per schedule 8
  2. Copy of citizenship of the person / persons concerned
  3. In the confession made by owner/ owner and businessmen
  4. Registration certificate of Nepal Pharmacy Council in case of Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistant
  5. Original and copy of Business Accreditation Certificate and Certificate of Refresher Course Training
  6. Lease agreement for the building or rooms where the pharmacy operates
  7. A clear map of the location of the pharmacy with the signature of the owner (including Location, Map, Phone N, e-mail)
  8. Copy of Orientation Training Certificate
  9. S. L. C. A copy of the certificate
  10. Pvt. Ltd. A copy of the minutes of the decision of the Board of Directors, a copy of the certificate registered in the office of the Registrar of Companies, a copy of the rules and regulations of the company and a letter of appointment of the businessman.

Service charge

  • Up to Rs.100,00,  Rs.500
  • Up to Rs. 100001 to 500000, Rs. 1000
  • Above 5000000, Rs. 2000

Note: – The owner person will have to be present in person to get the pharmacy certificate

As this task is being provided online, the specified document has to be uploaded in DAMS

For register Pharmacy  Click Here

For more detail visit : Department of Drug Administration

How to Register a Pharmacy in Nepal?

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  • bhim thapa January 21, 2020 @ 4:11 pm

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    Pharmacy ko license na vayekole
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