How to Use Eye Drops 

How to use Eye Drops
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Eye drop is a medicated solution for the eyes that is applied for medical conditions like glaucoma, eye infection, eye injury,etc. Eye drops are sterile solution. Drugs don’t work without knowing how to use them properly, so it’s important to know how to use them properly. Here are some tips on how to use eye drops

How to Use Eye Drops 

  1. Wash hands.
  2. With one hand, gently pull lower eyelid down.
  3. If dropper is separate, squeeze rubber bulb once while dropper is in bottle to bring liquid into dropper.
  4. Holding dropper above eye, drop medicine inside lower lid while looking up; do not touch dropper to eye or fingers.
  5. Release lower lid. Try to keep eye open and not blink for at least 30 seconds.
  6. If dropper is separate, replace on bottle and tighten cap.

Precautions when using eyedrops 

  1. If dropper is separate, always hold it with the tip down.
  2. Never touch dropper to any surface.
  3. Never rinse dropper.
  4. When dropper is at top of bottle, avoid contaminating cap when removed.
  5. When dropper is a permanent fixture on the bottle (i.e.,  when supplied by a pharmaceutical manufacturer to the  pharmacist), the same rules apply to avoid contamination.
  6.  Never use eyedrops that have changed color.
  7. If you are using more than one kind of drop at the same time, wait several minutes before using other drops.
  8. After instillation of drops, do not close eyes tightly and try not to blink more often than usual, as this removes the medicine from the place on the eye where it will be effective.


Sharing is Caring !!

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