Nepal Pharmacy Council License Exam

Nepal Pharmacy Council

Objective of the Name Registration Examination 

The registration examination is designed to check the prerequisite knowledge and understanding required for effective professional pratice of graduate pharmacist. In the examination he/she will be required to demonstrate the minimum knowledge and understanding of theoretical part as well as practical part by analyzing and evaluating pratice-based problems.

The examination covers the following;  

The examinable knowledge elements about the source, property, design and quality of medication used in pharmacy pratice.

The examinable knowledge elements about the tools and equipments used for the quality control of medicines.

The examinable knowledge elements underpinning the clinical and pharmaceutical aspects of pharmacy pratice.

The examinable knowledge elements uderpinning the legal and professional pratice of pharmacy in Nepal.

Subject wise source distribution B.Pharmacy 

S.N. Subject Area No. of Questions
1. Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry & Natural Product Chemistry 25
2. Pharmaceutical Analysis & Instrumentation 15
3. Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmaceutics & Dosage form Design 25
4.  Pharmacology & Therapeutics 25
5. Clinical Pharmacy & Hospital Pharmacy 20
6. Forensic Pharmacy ( Pharmacy laws & Ethics) 15
7. Community Pharmacy, Social Pharmacy & Public Health 25
Total  150

Duration of Examination; 2.5 hours. Pass Marks = 50%. No negative marking. 

Subject wise source distribution Diploma in Pharmacy 

S.N. Subject Area  No. of Question
1. Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry 10
2. Pharmaceutics 15
3. Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics 20
4. Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy 15
5. Community Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence 25
6. Social Pharmaacy and Public Health 15
Total  100

Duration of Examination; 1 hour 20 minutes . Pass Marks = 50%. No negative marking. 

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