NPSS and NPSA Working on Preparations for World Pharmacist Day 2020

NPSS and NPSA Working on Preparations for World Pharmacist Day 2020
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NPSS and NPSA Working on Preparations for World Pharmacist Day 2020

NPSS and NPSA, Working on Preparations for World Pharmacist Day-2020

Nepal Pharmacy Students Society (NPSS) is an official, autonomous, non-profit, and non-political organization based in Kathmandu, Maharajgunj Medical Campus (MMC), IOM, and was established in 2002. The aim was to contribute to the pharmacy profession and society through active leadership and coordination among pharmacy students.

Nepal Pharmacy Students Association (NPSA) is an authorized, non-political and non-profit association of pharmacy students in Nepal and was established to address all pharmacy students in Nepal, being a full member of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation. (IPSF)

According to President of Nepal Pharmacy Students Society (NPSS) Mr. Sulochan G.C. and Project Manager of Nepal Pharmacy Students Association (NPSA) Manish Mehta, the organization is currently planning a week-long celebration of World Pharmacist Day 2020, just like last year.

Based on the theme “Transforming Global Health”, World Pharmacist Day 2020, four programs are planned to promote the important role of pharmacists in “Transforming Global Health” and to create a platform among pharmacy students to solve any kind of problem related to the profession.

The planned programs can be counted as follows.

  1. Online Poster CompetitionThe poster will feature a competitive photo from the NPSS Facebook page with the concept of their contribution to ‘Transforming Global Health’, the photo with the most responses will be the winner and will be awarded Rs 250 each. (Separate for boys and girls).
  2. Give Away

    A short online questionnaire related to the pharmacy profession will be issued. One winner who fulfills the criteria and gives correct answer will be given Rs. 500 (Mobile Top-up / E-Sewa).

  3. Art Competition

    To include the importance, duties, problems, and other things related to the pharmacy profession. Competition will be held through literary work (written poetry, poetry) and drawing / photography. The winner of each category will be awarded Rs. 250.

  4. Sharing Videos

    Displaying the experience front liners Pharmacist during the COVID-19 pandemic (sharing videos demonstrating the experience of front liner pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic). NPSS will release short videos where pharmacy professionals will share their experiences during this epidemic.

All winners will be featured in the annual journal of B. Pharmacy, IOM, NPSS.

For more information contact at

Facebook page : Nepal Pharmacy Student’s Society

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