Online Pharmacy in Nepal 

Online Pharmacy in Nepal 
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Online Pharmacy in Nepal


The earliest years of internet pharmacies take after that of the mail-order patent drugs from the late 19th century with its trade-in questionable cures. While improved manufacturing processes and scientific advances allowed for better medicines to be made accessible to the public, practices persisted and shady cures. More grounded regulation over mail-order commerce obstructed much of what could be sent by post. In 1904, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) was established to battle dangerous manufacturers of disreputable medicines and monitors the pharmacists’ practices.

With access to data at our fingertips, there’s additionally quick access to prescription medication. With one click—in addition to free shipping—acquiring prescription medications has become simpler than getting them at traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Also, in some cases, it’s cheaper .

Getting to that place has been a procedure that’s moved at a similarly quick pace because the growth of the web . It hasn’t been simple and straightforward , nor should it’s with regards to giving health care. The mission of the web pharmacy to offer access to reasonable medication is additionally amid ensuring security and safety to the customer.

The internet has revolutionized and transformed our lives, procurement practices, communication, and methods . As access to the web increases, its utilization to seem for health data is likewise expanding. Estimates worldwide show that around 4.5% of all internet searches are connected to health-related data or questions. Population-based surveys found that almost 71% of online users in Europe and 72% of the web population within the US, browsed for health information a minimum of once within the past year. These tendencies are additionally extended by mobile device usage. However, consumers attend the web today not just for retrieving health data, yet additionally to self-diagnose and obtain different health services or products.

There is no standard guide line in Nepal now for Online Pharmacy now but a Physical Pharmacy should be registered in Department of Drug Administration.

List of Some Online Pharmacy in Nepal

  1. Pharmamandu
  2. ATM Pharmacy
  3. 24Seven
  4. Annapurna Pharmacy
  5. ePharmacy
  6. Jeevee
  7. NepMeds
  8. Nepills
  9. Onlineaushadhi
  10. SD Pharmacy

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