Pharmaceutical Education in Nepal History

History of Pharmaceutical Education in Nepal 
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History of Pharmaceutical Education in Nepal 

The pharmaceutical education was started in Nepal with the commencement of the Proficiency Certificate Level, a two and half year program (Intermediate in Pharmacy that is similar to Diploma of Pharmacy) at the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuban University in 1972 with the leadership of a British Pharmacist Paul David Spivey. But Bachelor of Pharmacy could not be started in institute of Medicine. The Bachelor of pharmacy (B. Pharm) program was started in  Kathmandu University in 1994 after twenty two years of PCL program. The B. Pharm programs later were started at Tribhuvan University in 2000, at Pokhara University in 2001 and at Purbanchal University affiliated Asian college in 2007.

Till the academic year 2076/77, Tribhuban University has eight affiliated pharmacy colleges and central department, Pokhara University has four affiliated colleges plus one central department, Purbanchal University has eight affiliated colleges and central department, only and Kathmandu University has no any affiliation. So in total twenty three pharmacy colleges enrolling about 880 undergraduate pharmacy students annually in Nepal. Nepal Pharmacy Council Act Was passed by parliament in 2057 BS (2000) and immediately council body was formed to regulate the pharmacy profession in Nepal.

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