Pharmacognosy Important Questions

Pharmacognosy; Nepal Pharmacy Council
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Pharmacognosy Important Questions

50 Pharmacognosy Important Questions for students who preparing Nepal Pharmacy Council License Exam, Bachelor of Pharmacy Entrance & Pharmaacy Loksewa. Pharmacogonsy is the one of the core subject of Pharmacy.These Questions are benificial for students preparing various exam

1. Drug ______ is having prominent antitussive activity.
A. Morphine
B. Papaverine
C. Codeine
D. Meconic acid
2. Imidazole ring is absent in the drug:
A. Pilocarpine
B. Physostigmine 
C. Isopilocarpine
D. Piloscine
3. Morphine shows;
A. Inverted form
B. Dextro rototation
C. Levo rotation 
D. Racemic mixture
4. Agent which causes a birth defect by toxic effect of an embryo is called
A. Hallucinogens
B. Teratogens
C. Allergens
D. None of the above
5. Arabic acid is the main chemical constituent of
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragacanth
D. All above
6. Which of the following substance is obtained from red algae (Geladium amansi)
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragancanth
A. Gelatin
7. Which of the following act as a solidifying agent in bacteriological culture media
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragacanth
D. Pepsin
8. Which of the following constituent of Tragacanth is responsible for its swelling property to form a thick gel
A. Tragacanthin
B. Arabin
C. Bassorin
D. Aldobionic acid
9. The major amino acid & sugar present in Honey is
A. Arginin & Glucose and fructose
B. Alanine & Glucose and galactose
C. Proline & Glucose and fructose
D. Glycine & Glucose and galactose
10. Adulteration of Honey with artificial Invert sugar is detect by
A. Iodine test
B. Fiehe’s test
C. Furfural test
D. Fehling test
11. Type A Gelatin is prepared by
A. Acid pretreatment
B. Alkaline pretreatment
C. Both A and B
D. Calcification
12. Source of Papain
A. Unripe fruit of Carica papaya
B. Leaves of Carica papaya
C. Root of Carica papaya
D. Stomach of calf
13. Urokinase is isolated from
A. Sterptococci
B. Stomach lining
C. Pineapple
D. Human Urine
14. Cotton is epidermal trichomes of Seeds of Plant
A. Gossypium barbadense
B. Astragulus Gummifer
C. Conchorus Herbaceum
D. Boerhavia Diffusa
15. Hemp fibre is Pericyclic fiber of plant
A. Astragulus Gummifer
B. Corchorum capsularis
C. Cannabis sativa
D. Gossypium barbadense
16. Anticancer drug from Marine Source
A. Ara-C
B. Domoic acid
C. Carragenana
D. Thelpin
17. Antimicrobial drug obtained from Marine Source
A. Ara-C
B. Domoic acid
C. Carrageenan
D. Thelpin
18. Which of the following oil is useful against leprosy
A. Chaulmoogra oil
B. Citronella oil
C. Sesame oil
D. Arachis oil
19. Ricinoleic acid is main chemical constituent of
A. Chaulmoogra oil
B. Castor oil
C. Wool fat
D. Besswax
20. Which of the following is thrombolytic agent obtained from bacteria
A. Streptokinase
B. Urokinase
C. Serratiopeptidase
D. Bromelain
21.Sennoside is used as
A. Laxative
B. Hypoglycemic
C. Cardiotonic
D. Antihypertensive
22.Artimisinin is used for the treatment of
A. Hypertension
B. Cerebral malaria
C. Congestive heart failure
D. Purgative
23.Biological source of Forskolin
A. Plectranthus barbatus
B. Discorea deltoida
C. Foenicul vulgare
D. Ferura foetida
24.Preparation method of Crude drug for market depends on which factor
A. Morphological character
B. Chemical constituent
C. Climatic condition
D. All above
25.Which of the following type of Insecticide is Organophosphorous compound
A. Malathion
C. Aldrin
26. Which of the following is not a natural Pesticide
A. Derris
B. Sabadilla
C. Pyrethrum
D. Dieldrin
27.Gum acacia are generally dried by
A. Sun drying
B. Tray dryer
C. Vaccum dryer
D. Spray dryer
28.Factor to be considered at the time of collection of Crude drug
A. Age of the plant
B. Climatic condition
C. Season
D. All above
29.Drugs which are highly sensitive to temperature and environmental condition are
generally dried by
A. Tray dryer
B. Vacuum Dryer
C. Spray dryer
D. All above
30.Which of the following drug is most sensitive to and deteriorated by moisture
A. Ergot
B. Digitalis
C. Asafoetida
D.Both A and B
31.Chemically Mayer’s reagent is
A. Potassium bismuth iodide solution
B. Potassium iodide solution
C. Potassium mercuric iodide solution
D. Saturated picric acid solution
32.“Like are cured by Like” is the principle of which System of Medicine
A. Ayurveda
B. Unani
C. Homeopathy
D. Siddha
33.Which of the following is the not the identification test of Alkaloid
A. Dragendroff’s test
B. Salkawoski test
C. Mayer’s test
D. Wagner’s test
34.The Yin and Yang Theory is related to
A. Ayurveda
B. Siddha system
C. Chinese system
D. Homeopath
35.Which of the following is an example of Pseudo alkaloid
A. Caffeine
B. Coniine
C. Capsaicin
D. All above
36.Which of the following is not an example of hydrolysable tannin containing drug
A. Galls
B. Tannic acid
C. Myrobalan
D. Pale catechu
37.Drugs not under the seed class;
A. Nux Vomica
B. Digitalis
C. Stropanthus
D. Isaphgol
38.Dried latex of the drug is used, except;
A. Opium
B. Gatta parcha
C. Papain
D. Balsam
39.Rauwolfia dry extract contains ———- % of total alkaloids.
A. 1%
B. 2%
40.Which drug is not under the chemical class of indole?
A. Quinidine
B. Quinine
C. Atropine
D. Camptpthecin
41.Drugs, which contains least amount of volatile oil;
A. Cardamom
B. Caraway
C. Coriander
D. Ajowan
42.Ashoka is used as;
A. Expectorant
B. Uterine tonic
C. Muscle relaxant
D. Brain tonic
43.Tannic acid is an antidote in_______ poisoning.
A. Iodine
B. Cyanide
C. Alkaloid
D. Arsenic
44. Artificial invert sugar is an adulterant for honey and it is detected by:
A. Tollen’s test
B. Ninhydrin test
C. Baljet test
D. Fiehe’s test
45.Pectin is used in the treatment of:
A. Ulcer
B. Hypertension
C. Angina
D. Diarrhoea
46.Eucalyptus oil chiefly contains Eucalyptol about;
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 60%
D. 80%
47.Peppermint oil contains important terpenoids:
A. Geraniol
B. Anethol
C. Menthol
D. Eugenol
48.The chemical nature of protoalkaloids is:
A. Acidic
B. Neutral
C. Basic
D. Neutral and acidic
49.High concentration of sugar is responsible for cataract?
A. Sorbitol
B. Fructose
C. Maltose
D. Dextrose
50.The pharmacological action of Opium is:
A. Anticholinergic
B. Cholinergic
C. Adrenergic
D. All of above

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