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Pharmacy Supervisor Questions
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1. National Drug policy of Nepal has been promulgated in;
b. 1994
c. 1995
d. 1996
2. Total number of recognized professionalists(Asadh 2060) including retailers are:
a. About 10 thousands
b. About 9 thousands
c. About 8 thousands
d. About 11 thousands
3. Drug standard regulation was published in B.S.;
a. 2035
b. 2043
c. 2038
d. 2040
4. Drug act was published in:
a. 2035 B.S.
b. 1st half of 2035 B.S.
c. 2nd Half of 2035 B.S.
d. None of above
5. When National Drug Policy was enacted?
a. B.S. 2054
b. B.S. 2051
c. B.S. 2052
d. B.S. 2053
6. How many institutes are involved to teach diploma in pharmacy course?
a. 10
b. 12
c. 15
d. 20
7. Under which clause or the drug act 2035, describes the drug categorization?
a. Clause seventeen
b. Clause twelve
c. Clause twenty six
d. Clause ten
8. Essential drug list of Nepal contains drug requirement for;
a. National level
b. District health post
c. District sub health post
d. All of above
9. According to drug act, minimum qualification of a drug inspector should be;
a. Graduate in Pharmacy
b. Master in Chemistry
c. Certificate in Pharmacy or equivalent and five years job experience
d. All of the above
10. Effective expectorant;
a. Ammonium chloride
b. Sodium citrate
c. Ipecac
d. Steam inhalation
11. In which year Nepal Pharmaceutical Association promulgated?
a. 2029
b. 2030
c. 2031
d. 2033
12. At the time whne Nepal Drug Research Laboratory not come into functions, how thw quality of imported drug were evaluated?
a. From the seal of drug container
b. Date of expiry given in the label
c. Copies of analytical analysis from producing country
d. All of the above
13. The dosages frequency ‘’BD’’ is for:
a. Twice daily dose
b. Every twelve hours dose
c. Twice daily dose at day time
d. Above A and B are correct
14. The absorption of the following drugs is increased if taken with foods except?
a. Tetracyclines
b. Riboflavin
c. Carbamazepine
d. Non of above
15. Constipation is frequent adverse effect of;
a. Magnesium trisilicate
b. Milk of magnesia
c. Antacid tablet
d. All of above
16. What are the advantages of Aerosol?
a. Wastage is reduced
b. More rapid drug release
c. Reduces the possibility of contamination
d. All of the above
17. Role of pharmacist a hospital is:
a. To provide for proper drug usage
b. To provide for proper record keeping and billing
c. To look after intravenous preparation
d. All the above
18. Cotrimxazole contains sulphamethoxazole and trimethoprim in the ratio of:
a. 1:5
c. 1:6
d. 2:1
19. An enteric coated table should be disinterigation in
a. Mouth
b. Intestine
c. Stomach
d. All the above
20. If two of more incompatible drugs are prescribed by mistake. The result may be:
a. Lower
b. Poisonous
c. Unpredictable
d. May be all of the above
21. Which drug industries in Nepal produces large volume injectable?
a. Simca Laboratories
b. Lomous Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
c. Vijayadeep Pharmaceuticals
d. G. D. Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
22. Certain drug when prescribed, an important drug information should be given to patient, choose such drugs in which severe alert necessary:
a. Chlormphenicol
b. Resperidone
c. Fexofenadine
d. All of the above
23. A pregnant women is vulnerable to life both for mother & neonatent. What is necessary to save both:
a. A gynaecologist
b. A midwife
c. A safe maternal/child delivery
d. None of the above
24. In a common first aid box which item may not be necessary?
a. Cotton
b. Tincture benzoin
c. Eye wash bowel
d. Tetracycline capsules
25. First aid treatment for chemical burn:
a. Dress the wound
b. Start intravenous line
c. Wash the affected area with clean water
d. Clean with normal saline
26. One of the following plant has no essential oil:
a. menthe piperita
b. Eucalyptus
c. Camphora
d. Vinca minor
27. The following are polar eluents except:
a. Methylene chloride
b. Menthol
c. Hexane
d. Ethyl acetone
28. What will be obitaned after distillation of menths piperta?
a. Camphor oil
b. Pepermint oil
c. Jatamanshi oil
d. Eucalyptus oil
29. An effective powerful medicinal plant should be free from content of except which one:
a. Moisture / water
b. Insect and pests/ vermin
c. Allied plants
d. Standard content of active principal
30. What is the prescribed unit used in UV- visible spectroscopy?
a. Wavelength expressed as nanometer
b. Wavelength expressed as micrometer
c. Wavelength expresses as centimeter
d. Wave expressed as millimeter
31. In In the paper chromatography the spots are identified by:
a. UV lamp
b. Iodine vapour
c. Sulphuric acid spray
d. All of above
32. In the UV-visible spectrophotometric analysis which wave length is used for visible range
a. 200 – 34o nm
b. 340 – 1000 nm
c. Above 1000 nm
d. None of the above wave length
33. In analysis the herbal drug, usually perform the test of;
a. Loss on drying
b. Ash content
c. Active constituents
d. All the above tests
34. A column chromatography is a good tool for estimating one or more compounds, show it in where most suited;
a. Separation of various fraction
b. Research and development of mixture
c. Purification of a compound with trace impurity
d. A & B above
35. Electrophoresis is also a kind of paper chromatography how it is different from other?
a. Dimentional directive movement of solvent fronts
b. Movement of component as per electromotive force of the constituent
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
36. In the microbiological analysis of vitamin B12 the assay is carried out by measuring:
a. Zone of inhibition
b. Zone of microbial growth
c. Color of the assay plate
d. None of the above
37. How frequently analysis will be necessary in stability and expirary date allocation?</strong>
           a. Once a month
b. Once in 6 month
c. Once in a year
d. Once in a week
38. Define a drug which is defident to be regarded as most vital in following factors?
a. Safe
b. None toxic
c. Efficaceous
d. Standard
39. Aminophylline injection can be given with;
a. 5% dextrose only
b. 0.9% sodium chloride only
c. Water for injection only
d. 5% dextrose and 0.9% sodium chloride
40. Drug uses in HIV infections:
a. Zidovudine
b. Amantadine
c. Mefloquine
d. Nystain
41. Beta- Blockers cause:
a. Decrease in heart beat
b. Increases in heart beat
c. No changing in heart rate
d. Increase and decreases both
42. Ibuprofen is taken after food because:
a. It is poorly absorbed in empty stomach
b. It irritates the stomach
c. It caused the bleeding
d. B and C above
43. When ‘’Measles’’ immunization should be given to child?
a. After six week of birth in a gap of one month
b. After nine months of birth
c. After three weeks of birth in a gap of one month
d. From the day of birth till one year of age
44. Cool place means:
a. Temperature between 2-80 c
b. Temperature between 8-250 c
c. Temperature between 25-300 c
d. Above 300 c
45. All essential drug lists are published except:
a. EDL for health assistant
b. EDL for health post level
c. EDL for sub health post level
d. All of above
46. The most wide drug distribution channel in Nepal is:
a. Government hospital and health posts
b. Private retail outlets
c. Private nursing homes
d. Donors and INGOs
47. The following is the indicator used in complexometric titration:
a. pH sensitive indicator
b. Metal indicator
c. Colour changing indicator
d. Metallochrom indicator
48. In the drug store FIFO means:
a. Drug store is empty
b. Drug store is full medicine
c. First in first out
d. None of the above
49. Logistic management of drug means:
a. Management of drug distribution
b. Management of supply of drug
c. Management of drug store
d. All the above
50. Pyrogen is produced by:
a. Virus
b. Measles
c. Typhoid
d. Bacteria


1. C 2. 3.B 4.C 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.D 10.A
11.A 12.D 13.D 14.A 15.A 16.D 17.D 18.B 19.B 20.D
21.D 22.A 23.C 24.D 25.C 26.D 27.C 28.B 29.D 30.A
31.D 32.B 33.D 34.D 35.B 36.B 37.B 38.C 39.C 40.A
41.A 42.D 43.B 44.B 45.A 46.B 47.D 48.C 49.D 50.D

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