Prescription Abbreviations

Prescription Abbreviations
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Prescription Abbreviations

These are often used on prescription as shorthand for how the medicine shold be taken.

Understanding a prescription is important, Incorrect prescription leads to wrong dose/ directions for use to the patient.

Some of commonly used Abbreviation are :-

Prescription Abbreviation  Meaning
 ac  Before meals
pc After meal
ad  Right ear
as Left ear
au  Both ear
bid Two times daily
tid Three times daily
qid Four times daily
q4h Every 4 hourly
c With
DAW  Dispense as written
gtt  Drop
ung Ointment
od Right eye
os Left eye
ou Each eye
po By mouth
PRN  As needed
pv Vaginally
qd Every day
SOS When necessary
qs Quantity sufficient to make
s Without
sig  Write (on the label)
STAT immediately
w/o Without
x  Times
Agit  Shake well before use
HS At bed time
tbsp Tablespoon
ud As directed
Pulv  Powder


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