Top 10 Bachelor of Pharmacy College in Nepal 

top 10 bachelor of Pharmacy college in Nepal
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Top 10 Bachelor of Pharmacy College in Nepal 

B.Pharmacy Program  is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program that prepares students with the skills and knowledge effective delivery of pharmaceutical care and the ability to proceed to research. It helps to make Pharmacists concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control.

In Nepal four University have Bachelor of Pharmacy coures; Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu Univeristy & Purbanchal University. Tribhvan University conduct annual academic calender and other university semester wise.

Here list of top 10 Pharmacy college in Nepal, according to students choice of college priority.

College  University  Fee Seats 
1. Maharajgunj Medical Campus (IOM) Tribhuvan University 725818 30
2. Kathmandu University School of Sciences Kathmandu University 750000 60
3. School of Health & Allied Science Pokhara University 495000 40
4. Manmohan Institute of Health Sciences Tribhuvan University 725818 40
5. Cist College Pokhara University 850000 40
6. School of Medical & Allied Sciences Purbancahl University 500000 30
7. Asian College Purbancahl University 750000 30
8. Universal Medical College Tribhuvan University 725818 40
9. Nobel College Pokhara University 900000 40
10. National Medical college for Advance Learing Tribhuwan University 725818 40


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