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Nabin Bista is a dedicated self motivated, professional pharmacy blogger from Darchula, Nepal having experince in the hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy field. After completion of his Diploma in Pharmacy in 2017 from CTEVT, he started his job in the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. He has passed the Public Service Commission exam, Secure Number one position in PSC, currently working in Patan Hospital, He worked in various institutions as position pharmacy instructor for pharmacy license exam and pharmacy loksewa preparation. He started his blog in 2019 with sharing his knowledge with pharmacy professionals. After getting a rich experience of Patient counselling, Drug Distribution, Small Scale manufacturing, Drug Storage, Handling of Medical Device, Patient Adherence, & became Nepal’s first pharmacy professional blogger with the blog name Pharma Info Nepal. He writes articles on pharmacy topics related to  pharmacy education , medicine information, study materials, question answers and solve various problems. He has written more than 1000 posts on various pharmacy topics. Writing on pharmaceutical topics is his passion and it helps to improve his community. He is famous in the pharmaceutical field and getting a huge number of daily readers. He shares his gained knowledge and experience to enhance the understanding and career of pharmaceutical professionals. He continuously updates the regulatory guidelines, pharmacy information , Job Vacancies, Question Collection, Medicine Information provided by various sources. He also gets daily a lot of questions from blog readers and spends his time to resolve their problems. 

Now Pharma Info Nepal (Nabin’s Blog) has become a big community of about 50000+ members. Where the community members solve the problems together. People love Pharma Info Nepal because they found everything here that they want to know and learn. 

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It has always been a pleasure for me to be involved in the teaching learning process as I am passionate about my profession. It’s been more than 5 years of facilitation to the students of pharmacy appearing for the license exam to be registered in Nepal Pharmacy Council. I have even helped the pharmacy professionals in learning to surpass the examination of the Public Service Commission and get the government job. For me, it is not only about how many students I have helped to pursue their career but it is surely about my dedication and motivation towards my profession.


About Pharma Info Nepal 

Pharma Info Nepal (Nabin’s Blog) is a popular Pharmacy information sharing online platform initiated by Pharmacist Nabin Bist since 2019. The main purpose of this platform is to share pharma updates, information & opportunities for pharmacy professionals. Because of continuous effort and dedication, thousands of pharmacy professionals have trusted this website as a primary platform to find the latest pharma updates in Nepal. So the admin is doing his best for accurate, trusted, up-to-date pharma information & opportunities to all pharmacy professionals. It covers a lot of topics that are helpful in the professional career as well as to students and non pharmacy professionals, and now it is the most read pharmacy  blog of Nepal. This is the biggest active pharmaceutical community now. It has 25,000+ followers on Facebook and 30,000+ followers on facebook group Nepal Pharmacy Council License Exam & Loksewa Preparation. Pharma Info Nepal is selected as the best pharmacy blog by the visitors. It is a well-designed blog that runs on recent technology.

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