Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Model Questions

Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Model Questions
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Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Model Questions

Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Model Questions based on the syllabus of Nepal Nursing Council.

  1. Active management of third stage of labour includes all except;
    A) 10unitsoxytocin
    B)  Controlled cord traction
    C) Uterine manage
    D) Fundal pressure
  2. Elements of primary heal care are except:
    A) FPMCH
    B) Safe drinking water
    D) Essential drug scheme
  3. If a patient has burn on legs,what is the immediate first aid action?
    A) Soak the burnt part in running water
    B) Apply any paste
    C) Apply CS cream
    D) Cover the burnt part
  4. It is known as uterine prolapse,a condition of a women when:
    A) Bleeding continuously per vagina
    B) Uterus slip down into or protrude out of vagina
    C) Bearing down sensation
    D) Vulvovaginal discomfort and discharge
  5. Nepal Nursing Council was established in;
    A) 2051BS
    B) 2052BS
    C) 2053BS
    D) 2054BS
  6. Maximum brain development occurs during:
    A) Within 2years
    B) Toddler stage
    C) Adolesce
    D) Pre-school
  7. Grunting respiration in the newborn is related to
    A) Respiratory disease
    B) Attention seeking
    C) Acidosis
    D) Atresia
  8. First leading cause of death for children in Nepal is;
    A) ARI
    B) Diarrhoea
    C) Malnutrition
    D) Measles
  9. Best method for measuring physical growth of a child is;
    A) Height for age
    B) Weight for height
    C) Chest circumference
    D) Abdominal circumference
  10. Government of Nepal is providing free surgery for
    A) Uterine prolapse
    B) Appendicitis
    C) Cancer
    D) Amputation
  11. What is the international symbol of nurse?
    A) Letter of H
    B) Stethoscope
    C) Cross sign of red colour
    D) Cup of medicine with snake
  12. Which of the following clinical finding is expected in a patient who has undergone gastric lavage and prolonged vomiting?
    A) Decreased serum potassium level
    B) Increased serum magnesium level
    C) Increased serum oxygen level
    D) Decreased serum calcium level
  13. Jaundice occurring within 24hours after birth is most often due to;
    A) Rh incompatibility
    B) Biliary atresia
    C) Physiological
    D) Congenital rubella
  14. Various alternative techniques are there for management of infertility in Nepal ,which technique is not accepted in Nepal)
    A) IVF
    B) Surrogacy
    C) IUI
    D) Child adoption
  15. Hormonal method of family planning are all except;
    A) OCP
    B) Implant
    C) Cervical mucus method
    D) DMPA
  16. Major cause of blindness in Nepal is due to;
    A) Xerophthalmia
    B) Trachoma
    C) Conjunctivitis
    D) Cataract
  17. Red man syndrome is the side effect of drug:
    A) Rifampicin
    B) Vancomycin
    C) Tetracycline
    D) Albendazole
  18. The main cause of incontinence of urine after labour is:
    A) Recto-vaginal fistula
    B) Recto-urethral fistula
    C) Anal fistula
    D) Vesico-vaginal fistula
  19. Earliest feature of vitamin A deficiency is;
    A) Conjunctival xerosia
    B) Bitot’s spot
    C) Keratomalacia
    D) Nyclalopia
  20. The most accurate laboratory test for renal function is;
    A) Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    B) Urinalysis
    C) Creatinine clearance
    D) Serum creatinine
  21. The most important Priority of care for a dying patient is ;
    A) Hydration
    B) Recreational activities
    C) Vital signs monitoring
    D) Pain management
  22. Haemophilia is caused by the deficiency of ;
    A) Blood
    B) Clotting factors VIII
    C) Protein
    D) Vitamin k
  23. Dyslexia is a specific disorder of;
    A) Language
    B) Learning
    C) Articulation
    D) Calculation and Arithmetic
  24. The most proper method of infectious hospital waste disposal management is ;
    A) Burial
    B) Burning
    C) Incinerator
    D) Autoclaving
  25. Which vitamin should be replaced in alcoholism or alcoholic withdrawal syndrome?
    A) Riboflavin
    B) Thiamine
    C) Niacin
    D) Pyridoxine
  26. The alcohol absorption takes place in;
    A) Stomach
    B) Duodenum
    C) Ileum
    D) Colon
  27. A premature baby is defined as delivered before completion of
    A) 36 weeks
    B) 39weeks
    C) 37weeks
    D) 40 weeks
  28. Which is the heat producing centre in the body ?
    A) Liver
    B) Lungs
    C) Brain
    D) Kidneys
  29. Sandflies transmit a disease called;
    A) Kala-azar
    B) Cholera
    C) Typhoid fever
    D) Dengue
  30. How many steps are there in WHO analgesic ladder?
    A) 2
    B) 3
    C) 4
    D) 5

Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Model Questions

Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Syllabus 

Nepal Nursing Council Licensing Examination Notice

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