Pharmacy License Exam Model Set – I


Welcome to your Pharmacy License Exam Model Set - I

1. Which of the following drug leads high first pass metabolism

2. Which of the following is safest drug during pregnancy?

3. Government of Nepal how many drugs distribute free of cost?

4. Fox glove is the synonemous of plant?

5. Which is not identification test of alkaloid?

6. APPON was established in..........?

7. EDL of Nepal first time published in.............

8. The maximum disinterigation timw of uncoated tablet is....

9. Which of the following preparation is not for occular use?

10. Which laxative should not be used to treat acute constipation because of its slow onset of action?

11. Which of the following substances when present in urine is the most likely positive sign of pregnancy?

12. Chemical nature of protoalkaloids is

13. Drug....... is amino type of alkaloid

14. Which chemical test used for identification of carbohydrate?

15. How many members in Drug Advisory Committee

16. The meaning of abbreviation UNG is

17. The moisture content in digitalis leaves should not be more than

18. Prism type of calcium oxalate crystals are present in

19. Which of the following has bic yclic structure?

20. Paracetamol undergoes metabolism by

21. Which of the following bound 99% to protein?

22. Which isomer of ampicillin is clinically more active than others?

23. The order of dissolution of different dosage for ms of drugs is _______.

24. Which one of the following process is responsib le for higher half-life of drug?

25. The particle size range of colloidal dispersion is _____.

26. Pseudoplastic flow is typically exhibited by

27. One of the follo wing ingredients improves the flow property of granules in

28. Following is not a filter aid:

29. Select a mill for a low melting dr ug.

30. Provision of clinical trial is related to which section of Drug Act 2035

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