Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal 

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal 
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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal 

Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in Nepal 2020

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a tremendous deal of change. There are many pharmaceutical companies, who are providing the better products. The Pharma industry is one of the most sought after, and flourished industries. As the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are one of the reasons for the economic well being of a nation.

On the other hand, we can say that the Pharma industry is responsible for the economic development. That is the main reason for both research and development of newer and better products for various kinds of diseases.

Nepal Pharma Market is valued at 4319.29 Cr as per MAT (Moving Annual Turnover representing sales value of last 12 months) July’20 and has grown by a modest 6.6% as compared to MAT July’19.

As study of last 9 quarters as shown in the above chart shows that due to disruption created in supply chain, the market has degrown by a huge 32.1% in Q2’20 as compared to Q1’20.

The first 3 quarters of 2019 were very good showing consistent quarter on quarter growth with Q3’19 showing an exceptional growth of 20.5%.

51% OF NPM(Nepal Pharma Market) is contributed by Nepalese Companies while 43% is contributed by Indian Companies. 6% is contributed by MNC.

Top 5 and Top 10 companies of Nepal contribute to 23.8% and 40.1% of Nepal Market respectively.

Top 20 companies contribute to 60.4% of Nepal Pharma Sales.

Arya Pharma is the fastest growing company for MAT July’20 growing by 137.2% followed by Magnus, Quest, Curex and Blue Cross growing by 33.4%, 31.3%, 27.2% and 23.9% respectively.

Seven out of Top 20 companies have reported a negative growth for MAT July’20 period.

Out of Top 20 companies, 11 have reported a growth higher than the Nepal Market Growth of 6.6%.

Here, we have listed the top 10 Nepali pharmaceutical companies 2020

  1. National HealthCare
  2. Nepal Pharmaceutical Laboratory
  3. Quest Pharmaceutical 
  4. Deurali Janta Pharmaceutical
  5. Arya Pharmaceutical
  6. Lomus Pharmaceutical
  7. Asian Pharmaceutical
  8. Time Pharmaceutical
  9. Amtech Pharmaceutucal
  10. Magnus Pharmaceutical
Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal 

Reference : IQVIA | I am grateful from the bottom of my heart Pharmacist Bijay Bhattarai Qbd Pharmaceutical

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