Nepal Pharmacy Council-NPC

Nepal Pharmacy Council-NPC
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Nepal Pharmacy Council-NPC

Nepal Pharmacy Council is established in 2058 BS (2001 AD) with an objective of making the pharmacy profession effective through systematic and scientific operation and also for the registration of the pharmacists and pharmacy assistants as per their qualification.

History of Pharmacy Council

Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) has played a pivotal role in the formation of the Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC). The NPA’s exercise for preparation of the draft of the NPC Act took momentum after implementation of National Drug Policy 1995 (B.S. 2051) that clearly spelled out for the policy strategy (Section 4.4c) aiming to promulgate legislative measures to register pharmacy manpower engaged in the pharmacy profession. The draft prepared by NPA was discussed in the national seminar entitled “Need of Pharmacy Council for the Development of Pharmacy Services in Nepal” on 10 April 1997 (28 Chaitra 2053) on the auspicious occasion of NPA’s silver jubilee. The draft recommended by the seminar was submitted to the Ministry of Health and Population for further action. It was circulated to various organizations for their views and support. The draft received final approval of the Ministry of Health and Population only after NPA Executive board delegation has several rounds of discussion with the then Health Minister. Based on these discussions NPA submitted a justification document for the NPC Act, the summary points of which as reported by the Gorkha Patra on 2 Shrawan 2057 were:

  • National Drug Policy was in favor of a legislative measure for registration of pharmacy manpower engaged in the pharmaceutical field.
  • The draft NPC document was recommended by the national seminar.
  • The theme carried by the document was oriented to community welfare and pharmacy service development.
  • The situation in other countries favored the specific legislative measures on pharmacy education and service standard.
  • Broad base nature of the profession encompassing policy, manpower development and regulation, inter-sectoral collaboration and coordination for public health, quality assurance, logistic and supply management, information and rational use, and other specific sub-disciplines like community and social, hospital, industrial pharmacy aspects.
  • Health Professional Council Act 1997 did make NPA’s representation in its council but the measures were not sufficient enough for pharmacy discipline.
  • Promotion by WHO document on Pharmacy Council (Pharm/94 272 1994).
  • Availability of example of separate pharmacy council legislation of which references of Act of India, Singapore, Canada, UK, Denmark, Jamika, Namibia were provided.
  • In addition to these efforts, NPA defended and clarified queries raised by different ministries, council, and other organizations on various aspects of draft NPC Act throughout the period between B.S.2054 until the Act was finally approved by the Parliament in 2000 (B.S. 2057) and enacted from January 2001.

Functions, Duties and Powers of the Nepal Pharmacy Council 

  1. To prepare policy, plan and progrmme for the scientific management and operation of pharmacy profession and implement them.
  2. To give recognition to the educational institution which provides study in pharmacy profession and the certificate and degree awarded by such institution.
  3. To determine the standards of curriculam, condition for admissio and examination system of the educational institution providing study of pharmacy profession, and ask the details as required whether standard so determined are maintained or not, and abrogate the certificate and degree awarded by the educational institution which do not comply with standard so determined after completing the procedures as prescribed.
  4. To determine the qualification as required to carry out pharmacy profession and register the name of pharmacist and pharmacy assistant as prescribed in the regulation book of the council who has completed the qualification so determined.
  5. To remove the name of pharmacist and pharmacy assistant from the registration book after the completion of the procedures as prescribed in case such registered pharmacist and pharmacy assistant violated or not observed the professional code of conduct as prescribed.

Recognized Pharmacy Colleges


Bijulibazar, New Baneshwore Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No. +977 (0)1 478 0747


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